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About Us

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Studio 66 is based in Bildeston and operates with a team of experienced hairdressers who can be requested when booking. Meet our team!

DARLENE (manager) works Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat

Darlene has been hairdressing in Bildeston since the year 2000, when the salon was called Michael Hair Care.
She bought the business about 2 and a half years ago and renamed it Studio 66.
Darlene has been hairdressing since she left school and started as a Saturday girl at the age of 15 and in that time has gained a lot of knowlodge and skills in that time and she still really enjoys hairdressing.

TANYA works Tues & Wed

Tanya is a very experienced and qualified hairstylist.
She's been hairdressing for 20plus years and has worked at Studio66 since it's launch.
Prior to that, she worked with Darlene as part of the old team doing what she does best and that's all aspects of hair.

TRACY works Weds & Thurs

Tracey joined the team May 2015 and has become a great asset to the Studio 66 with her skills in foils among other hair creations, that she is more than qualified at over 30 years experience.

EMMA works Fridays

Emma is our newest member to the team and is very qualified and experienced in all that she does after training in Hadleigh.